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Control Your Cloud Cost

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By setting the right tools and processes in the organization,
AvCost will transform the way you keep your cloud bill under control


Evaluate current FinOps maturity level. Set budgeting goals and owners


Train people for FinOps awareness. Cloud cost control is an organizational challenge


Reduce your cloud cost and get it under control. Identify quick wins


Your engineers are busy. Let us take care of setting everything up


Embed cloud cost data visibility. Build processes around actionable data


Correlate your revenue to your cloud cost. Differentiate cloud bill growth from bloat

Don't let your next cloud bill surprise you



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Iddo Greenberg, Founder

I have over 20 years of experience managing engineering and operations teams in startups and enterprises. I was using the cloud since its early days, building SaaS applications and complex distributed systems.

Managing the cloud monthly bill, while maintaining development speed and innovation, was always a challenge I had to deal with. It required from me to continuously learn and evolve the product architecture, tools and culture.

Realizing most companies struggle to keep cloud cost under control, I am on a mission to help organizations improve their FinOps practices, so they can get the best ROI from the cloud.

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